Our Fleet

As a business that offers a broad range of services in various industries, our fleet is the driving force behind every successful project.

APV is one of the most progressive, resource-rich companies in Qatar with a full-fledged fleet of transportation vehicles, heavy duty trucks, earthmoving equipment, vocation trucks, lifting equipment, water tankers, man lifts & scissors, and more. APV's resource management team validates and arranges the time-to-time requirements of PMV resources to each and every one of our projects.

Efforts are currently underway to expand our fleet by adding specialized equipment with higher capacity and durability, thereby upgrading and growing our resources to productively manage our upcoming projects as APV conquers new and unexplored territories

List of APV fleet of Equipment

Type of PMV  Quantity
Light Vehicles 12
Heavy Trucks 11
Dump Trucks 4
Transportation Vehicles 4
Earthovign Equipment 12
Vocational Trucks 4
Total 47